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Summer fun at the exhibition

September 4, 2007
  Summer doesn’t seem complete if we don’t make a visit to the PNE or Pacific National Exhibition.  We made our trip to the fair on Hastings on Sunday, despite a chance of showers and had a bunch of fun.  The site is also the home of the Hastings Racetrack, Playland with the famous wooden rollercoaster and the Pacific Coliseum where the WHL Giants play their games. 
  We enjoyed many familiar events such as touring the prize home, shopping in the marketplace, visiting the animals in the agriplex, munching down on corndogs, those little donuts, as well as emu and buffalo burgers.
  Included in the price of the ticket is several shows.  This year we went to the Superdogs, an illusion & magic show and motorcross.  The superdogs are really popular. They compete for the fun of it to an almost full crowd at the Coliseum.  Many of the dogs that perform have been adopted from animal shelters.  They leap over towering gates, run through obstacle courses and amuse the crowd with their hilarious antics.  One really funny matchup was  a sweet little dog against a big adorable dog.  Who would you think would win an obstacle course race, a Yorkshire terrier or a St. Bernard?  I think they let the Yorkie win as the St. Bernard ambled gently through the course and the Yorkie ran for all he was worth, which wasn’t too quick with those tiny little legs.
  We bought some tickets to the prize home that will be moved to Sechelt and is toured by many thousands of people during the fair.   This year the house has some great looking bathrooms and a media room with the speakers built into the walls so that the walls act as the speakers.  It was really neat.
  I think next year I might buy an all day ride pass and see if I have the stamina to go nuts on the rides.  There really is enough to do for the day even if you don’t go on a ride, and we really had a bunch of fun this year.
For ladies only!  The BC Lions are holding Football 101 at the Surrey Training Facility on Thursday the 13th of September from 630-830pm.
Loads of fun for $47.50 and includes a ticket to the next home game.
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