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Cel ranting

August 17, 2007
  It has been a while since I have had a really good rant.  Sometimes I can really enjoy the ability to just let loose with my opinions.
  I have been on vacation, travelling away from home and I read a story about two women in Edmonton building their own sailboat from scratch.  They were doing it since they thought that people are becoming less able to do things for themselves anymore.  Good on them!  It will be done and shipped to the coast in the fall.  I hope it floats.
  It got me to thinking about our reliance on certain things in our technicological age that we are becoming over-reliant on as a society.  I have noticed lately that some people and businesses are shocked when I say that I don’t have a cellphone number let alone a cellphone.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think that they are fine devices and that for some people they work, but just because you have one does it mean that I should own one as well?  I don’t think so.  When did we evolve into a society where we had to be available to everyone’s beck and call every hour of the day and at any location?  What conversation of earth shattering importance must take place instead of defensive driving when you are behind the wheel of a car for crying out loud?  
  I have a home phone.  If I am out or otherwise occupied, leave me a message and I can call you back another time.  If I am not at home I have a wallet with quarters (and a few dimes if I am in Alberta) that work okay to call people with a pay phone.
  Personally I feel better about not disturbing you when call you up and you are living your life.  Are you out bike riding with your family, having a picnic, sitting in church or at a movie or play?  Are you playing with your child, having a heart to heart with your spouse, teaching your dog a new trick? If you own a cellphone and I call you, please feel free to ignore the little beast ringing in your pocket.  As you now know, if I am out doing any of those things I won’t be anwering the telephone.
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