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A Great Canadian Tribute

June 28, 2007
  Terry Fox; a Great Canadian
  Starting in St John’s Newfoundland, Terry Fox began the first steps on a journey of his passion to raise money for cancer research.  It had begun when he was in hospital with osteogenic sarcoma, a bone cancer that took his right leg above the knee when he was 18 years old and it changed his life.  At the time he was not thinking of himself, but about how cancer was affecting the other people around him, many of them children. 
  So after months of training, on a chilly day in St John’s on April 12th, 1980 Terry began his Marathon of Hope by dipping his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean and started his run uphill.  He was undaunted by the 30 degree incline for 1/4 mile, and as he wanted to start at the ocean he tackled the hill and said, "I wanted to start from the ocean, it is pretty wild here."  He would average 26 miles or over 40 kilometers a day on his quest to cross the country with his strange hop-step gait that is well known to Canadians who were awe inspired by his determination.  During that first few steps away from the coast, he was asked by a reporter, how much do you think you can raise?  Terry replied, "I am not sure, but I would like to set a goal of a million dollars." 
This memorial marks the spot where Terry began his Marathon of Hope.  According to the Terry Fox run website, more then 400 million dollars have been raised to date.
  Terry’s marathon ended, after 5,376 kilometers, in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  He had completed two thirds of his journey when the pain in his chest would not go away and he had to stop. With his mother supporting him at a news conference he told everyone that cancer had spread to his lungs.  He returned to British Columbia and fought for 10 months with the support of a nation.  He passed away June 28th, 1981, one month before his 23rd birthday.
  See videos and listen to clips about Terry Fox and his Marthon of Hope from CBC archives:
 Twenty-seven years have gone by since Terry Fox passed away, but his dream lives on. On reflection of his run he said, "People thought I was going through hell.  Maybe I was partly, but still I was doing what I wanted and a dream was coming true."
  Today many countries hold an annual Terry Fox Run.  Every September the run takes place across Canada. 
 His inspiration lives on.
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