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Rainy day hooray

May 20, 2007
  On a Sunday morning it is much easier to commute to work, I can make the trip in almost half the time.  Today being the middle of the long weekend, things were even quieter so I arrived with lots of time.  I decided to bring some seedlings that I had started in my greenhouse to spruce up the planters on the patio at work.  I took out my trowel and gave my sunflowers and nasturtiums a new home under a heavenly bamboo bush.  Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to water the newbies, and I had to skip indoors to wash up and do some paid work. 
  A few hours later one of my collegues said that it was really awful outside, raining and gloomy. I told her how I thought the weather was perfect.  She must have thought I was nuts or something until I told her that it was perfect weather for transplanting, the plants are less likely to have root shock if it is cool and the rain will refresh them in their new spot. 
  I was also able to experience the thrill of having a newly waxed windshield on the way home.  Last week I applied the window wax I get at Canadian Tire.  It is a lot of fun to see the raindrops whisking off as I drive down the highway and I don’t have to even turn on the windshield wipers.  It really makes driving in the rain easier since your visability is increased without having the smear of the rain.
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