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A walk in the forest

May 15, 2007
    It has been really pleasant in our area this spring.  So far it is looking well for the melt of the snow in the mountains and it is happening slowly enough.  To be safe our city is building up the dikes by the river surrounding our area. 
We have been going for lots of walks and enjoying the mild weather.  Today we had sun and I washed our car.  I won’t mind if it rains, I waxed the car, too.  Since the runoff water that goes into the road drains also goes into the streams, it is important to use biodegradable soaps and as well, you can wash your car on the lawn, or as I did, on the gravel driveway.  That way the ground soaks up the soapy water from washing.
  Here is a close-up of a native fern from our forest.
  We also had a visitor in our back yard last week.  It started around dinner time and we heard some loud bird calls from the front, "Awwhk! – Awwhk!"   Jeff opened the front door to have a look and we got a very loud earful.  A couple of ravens were in the front yard, calling at each other.  It sounded so loud we thought they were in the front entranceway. 
  Shortly afterwards one of the ravens came walking across the backyard lawn and settled into the corner flowerbed.  It was definately a pair of mated ravens, because one more stayed in the trees, calling to the one on the ground for a long time.  The one in the flowerbed would call back periodically, but seemed to prefer settling in and preening, with the odd nibble of a bug from the leaves.  She (or he, we couldn’t tell) stayed all night in that spot.  When I was up in the morning to go to work, she was still nestled in the spot.  About 8:30 they started up again, waking up all the late risers in the neighbourhood, but soon moved on. 
  I am not sure what they were up to, but it was fun to have them around for a night.
  One final note, the Memorial cup is coming up in Vancouver this week.  It is the Junior championship in hockey for the Canadian Hockey league.  The cup was named for Canadian war dead of World War One.  That is why there is a poppy on the front of the logo and the cup.  There is a practice of some to abbreviate it to the "M cup."  A vetran (my dad) pointed out the reason of the name to me and I now support him in reminding others to respect the men who died defending us and use the whole name for the Memorial Cup. 
And lastly, 
Go Giants!  You can beat those Tigers! Yay!
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