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I can see the sun

May 7, 2007
  Lately I have been putting in more night shifts then usual and I am pleased to say that I am off for a while and just in time.  The last few days have been cloudy and raining, which make it easier to drive home without the sun dazzling my eyes before I go to sleep.  This afternoon I have woken up to sunshine and there is nothing better to adjust to daytime life then going for a walk in the sun. 
  This time of year is very stimulating, leaves are coming out, flowers are blooming, grass is overtaking the moss…I really like it.  There is a spider who has made a web just outside my bedroom window, and in the morning it catches the sunlight and sparkles like a CD.  There is all kinds of insect life, the air is just alive with flying creatures, and I have even seen a couple of butterflies.  A few woodpeckers have returned for the season and are busy finding bugs in the trees.  We tried to get a picture of them but their heads move really fast.  Guess we will just have to find a woodpecker who is more contemplative then hungry if we want a picture.
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