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Canucks squeek one in!

April 24, 2007
  Well, the Canucks have made it to the next round of the playoffs for the Stanley Cup.  I think that they may have a tough time of it with the Ducks since they don’t have much of a break before the next game and their play has been pretty haphazard.  I noticed that their defenceman Mattias Ohlund was having a pretty tough time of it the last couple of games. He mostly just tried to keep to himself and in the 6th game of the series he made an error that resulted in a goal on the ‘Nucks.
  I wish them all the best in the next round!
  Also going on right now are the WHL (juniors) playoffs.  The Vancouver Giants have been making the grade and are proceeding well towards the conference championship.  After that they will be competing for the Memorial cup.  Vancouver is automatically in the playoffs as they are hosting the event, but it is always special to earn your way there!
 Here is the playoff grid link;
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