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Smart Crows

April 17, 2007
 You might not know, crows are very smart birds.  We did a bit of research on them when Jeff was drawing a logo with a crow and the stories just amaze me.  Here is a video I recently came across demonstrating their adaptability and cleverness.
  It is interesting to note that crows have been known to fashion tools to use for specific tasks.  At Oxford university they had a crow named Betty who spontaneously twisted a wire and successfully lifted a small bucket of meat morsels from inside a vertical pipe. 
  Although many animals use tools, purposeful modification of objects to solve new problems, without training or prior experience, is virtually unknown," said one of the Oxford researchers, behavioural ecology Prof. Alex Kacelnik. Kacelnik added that experiments with primates, which are more closely related to humans than birds, have failed to show any deliberate tool making and human-like understanding of physics.
  It is also interesting to note that Betty’s male partner, Abel, just sat around waiting for Betty to scoop up the food and then would make his move and take it from her.  Beast!
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