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This is just a test

April 15, 2007
  For the past 5 months I have been studying for a certification exam.  It was completely voluntary, and does not mean anything to my career as it stands at the present, but I did it because it was a great review of knowledge in my specialty field.  It was completely multiple choice, and was very challenging.
  Yesterday I wrote the test, we were allotted four hours and it took me three and a half.  I can tell you that it was really intense even if I went in calm and felt prepared.  Afterwards Jeff took me to a pub and we had lunch and a drink with another person who wrote the exam.  Now I don’t want to look at another textbook for a very long time.  Maybe I will spend the weekend eating chips and watching hockey, and not feeling like I should be studying.
  Oh, and just because I have to inflict you with bad humour;
  if the bunny in my previous entry ate too many twigs and became constipated, would he have difficulty passing a log?
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