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Easter Bunny comes for a visit

April 11, 2007
  We took a little trip to Calgary for Easter and had a nice visit with family.  It was a bit chilly there, they had snow almost every day.  I made a lot of use out of the sweaters I brought along and now I appreciate the green grass and the mild temperatures of home alot more.
   While we were there we spotted the Easter Bunny hanging around because with the snow you can see his footprints easier. 
 Actually, what we saw were wild snowshoe hares, and they were changing colour from all white with black tipped ears to their brown summer coats.  They like to hang around close to buildings because it is out of the wind and there is more to eat since that is where the snow melts first and they nibble on the brown grass or eat twigs from bushes.  The first day we saw three hares covorting around and eating, but when I brought my camera they were more sedate and it took a few days to get one to pose for the shot.
The camera I was using was a pretty small one, so I had to have a close subject with good light and I had to take the pictures through the window.
  Here are a few other pictures with the Easter theme…
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