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The start of gardening

April 3, 2007
  I know there is a good possibility still of frost, but since we had some dry days I was itching to get out and plant something today.  Spinach likes cool weather so I put in two rows.  I also stopped by the garden store and picked up some seed potatoes, pole bean seeds and some fertilizer for our cedar trees.  The Art Knapp store fellow gave me some good advice while I was pondering over what kind to buy, slow release or the type you mix with water and pour on.  We went for the slow release kind.  The poor trees got a bashing from the winter snow we got this year.  They are leaning over a fair bit and I will have to tie them up so that they are upright again.  I also like the advice I get from GardenWorks, who send me newsletters every few months.  Jeff just loves it when we go  there to get our bags of manure in the spring.  I have four bags sitting in the back yard waiting for me to dig them into the garden.  It gave our car such a nice aroma for a few days. 
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