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It is still raining

March 24, 2007

  I ventured out into the back yard to put out seed for the birds and squirrels again.  Trouble must be snuggled away in a dry burrow somewhere because there was no evidence of mischief in the shed today. 

  Shortly after I put out the sunflower seeds one of the little squirrels started eating.  He would take one seed from the pile, run up to the top a stump, eat it run down again and repeat the process.  No wonder squirrel there are no fat squirrels.  It would be like us grabbing one piece of spaghetti, running up a five storey building, eating it at the top, running down and grabbing another to eat at the top.


SHOWERY SONGS as suggested by the Vancouver Sun

1. Eighteen Inches of Rain – Ian Tyson

2. After the Rain – John Coltrane

3. Here’s that Rainy Day – Sarah Vaughn

4. Singing in the Rain – Gene Kelly

5. I’m Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage

6. It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls

7. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan

8. Purple Rain – Prince

9. Who’ll Stop the Rain? – Creedence Clearwater Revival

10. Raindrops Keep Falling My Head – B.J. Thomas 

     I would add;

11. I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbit

     In "Yahoo" search there are 801 songs titled "Rain"


     Environment Canada says 154 mm of precipitation so far this month in Vancouver, and we are not done yet.  Out of 23 days in March, 20 have had rain.  The wettest March on record was back in 1997, when 240 mm fell.

  I found a website where you can look up current conditions with graphs!



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