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My own squirrel

March 18, 2007
  I just about had my own pet squirrel.  I went into my shed and found the tell tale signs of chewed green plastic chips on the floor.  I guess after all the rain we had the last couple of days a certain squirrel was inpatient for me to put out the food again. 
  I was about to put some seeds out when I noticed that there was something moving inside the can.  I wheeled it out of the shed and opened the lid.  Looking inside I saw a bit of fur underneath the bricks that I had placed over the bag of sunflower seeds.  It took several minutes for "Trouble" to arrange himself so that he could get out again, so I patiently waited for him to climb out.
  There was a moment when our eyes met as he was climbing out, he paused and I told him he was a naughty squirrel. I doubt that it made much of an impact as he quickly jumped into the bushes and is now happily eating the seeds I put out in the forest.  The other squirrels put up quite an excited racket just before they all joined in eating.  I guess it is a bit difficult to eat and squeek at the same time.
  I didn’t get any pictures of the incident, but here is one of my crocuses finally opening up again after all the rain we had.  The cherry trees are really starting to come out now, pretty soon a lot of cars will have a new design, pink dots.
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