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What I think is for sale

March 10, 2007
 I had a visitor to my blog that is not the usual internet surfer.  They were lurking to find out what I think. Here is what I found out about them…
 Umbria is a marketing intelligence company that mines the blogosphere and other public forums for real-time insights into companies, products, people, and issues.
  Everything is a commodity nowadays on the internet.  If I like the rain and my new rubber boots then someone wants to know and sell that knowledge to someone else.  It is not exactly what I expected when I started my blog, but I guess if my blog is public then I will have to expect it.
  So here are some real-time insights for you…
  1.   I like the rain because it melts away all the snow.
  2.   I have had to sweep the water out of our garage because it has been coming down so heavy.
  3.   Rain drops on the windshield remind me of tadpoles.
  4.   I prefer warm rain with big drops that come straight down.
  5.   My crocuses only open up when it is not raining.
  6.   Rain water is better to water your indoor plants with then tap water.
  7.   The rain around here is slightly acidic, so it is better for tomato plants if you grow them under cover.
  8.   The rain generates power in BC because we have hydro power, and that means that when we have rain we have more power.
  9.   The water on the coast is much softer then on the prairies, and I can tell the difference when I take a bath or wash my hair.
  10.   On tap water filters don’t work for long on the coast because there is too much micro-sediment and you would have to replace them after a week.
  11.   Birds and squirrels don’t seem to be bothered by the rain if I leave out seeds and peanuts.
  12.   I love the sound that rain makes on the roof of the house or the car.
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