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Planning an Eastern Trip

March 2, 2007

  In about three months I will be taking a trip for my first time to Newfoundland.  I have never been visiting Canada farther east then Quebec.  It is really exciting and I am looking forward to it.  I found a website for tourism information and I will be spending some time checking it out.

  I have been also investigating the different accent and vocabulary that Newfoundlander’s have.  Here is some of the local slang as found on wikipedia;

  • Arse – (obvious)
  • Bachelor’s Button – the campion flower
  • Barrasway – A small harbour that is a shelter to small boats (dory in nature)
  • Brewis – hard bread cakes
  • Brin-bag – the mesh begs that onions and other crops can be purchased and stored in
  • Bayman – Refers to any one who is not from the St.John’s Metro area
  • Dole – Social services (Welfare)
  • Dory – small open boat usually made of wood
  • Duckish – Twilight 
  • Fadder – Father
  • Foust – Mould, also fousty (mouldy) 
  • Giddy – sick to your stomach, or dizzy
  • Grub – food 
  • Hardening – A cross between contrary and stubborn; rebellious 
  • Jeezely – euphemism for Jesus Christ
  • Jigs Dinner – a traditional meal of vegetables, salt beef, and sometimes dumplings or pudding 
  • Katty – interesting object, or clever person 
  • Mudder – Mother 
  • Papist – Catholic
  • Piss pot – Chamber pot 
  • Rockry – later on, directly
  • Rotted – to be upset or angry 
  • Sook – a suck up craving attention; one who is a toadie; one who suffers from a Cinderella complex.
  • Screech – a brand of rum that is actually a mixture of 50 different rums
  • Scribbler – used to describe a notebook used for school purposes, mainly used by the Roman Catholic school children
  • Squat – crushed, as a pop can
  • Squish – crooked
  • Step-ins (pronounced stippeens)- Underwear
  • Stogged – to be stuffed or full from eating
  • Stunned – Stupid, dense
  • Swile – seal
  • Swiling – the act of seal hunting 
  • Tess – to whine incessantly (likewise, tessing)
  • Tilt – A small shelter in the woods than can be used by loggers, hunters, or in an emergency
  • Townie – the word for anyone from St.John’s. This term has been used for many years, datng back to Colonial Newfoundland, and even the 18th century.
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