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Time for a new rant

February 12, 2007
   Things change, that is the nature of our planet.  Yet, I am still suprised how different things are for children nowadays as compared to when I was a kid.  A lot of it has to do with the rapid pace of technology.  Everyone has to have a cell phone.  There is often more then one computer in the house.  You can find all sorts of research easily from the internet.  Heck, you can also get your term papers there.
  Most of these things parents have no control over.  There is one thing that I see a rapid pace of change in that parents are definately contributing in teaching the next generation.  That is the use of the automobile. 
  Think about it, when most of us were young we walked to school or took the bus, sometimes we took our bikes.  That was it.  There was no other option until someone got their own drivers license and then all bets were off. But when we were young we used our own power.  It didn’t matter if the school was really far away, our parents did not ferry us to school and back again.  School zones were full of kids every morning and afternoon. 
  Now schools have areas where parents drop off and pick up their children.  Parents drive their kids a couple of blocks to school every day.  This is teaching them that they need to drive everywhere.  The school zone is almost obsolete.
  Some say it is because parents want to protect their children.  I will buy that, but what about walking with them?  Or have them go with a group of children?  Teaching them where they can go if there are any problems?  Maybe they can use their cell phone? 
  Cheers to all parents who have not given into this practice.  You are keeping the planet cleaner and teaching the next generation that these boots were made for walking. 
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