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Here Come Trouble!

January 11, 2007
We have had a mischevious little squirrel living around our place and he has been dubbed with the name of "Trouble."  My first encounter with him was when he got into my new shed and was nibbling at the leftover bird seed in the garbage can that used to be locking.  (the bear broke that one).  The last couple of days I noticed things knocked over in the garage from one of the highest shelves where I keep nasty chemicals.  Not a good place for little squirrels.  Well, we were out clearing snow (that is Jeff was shovelling) and Jeff noticed a companion in the garage.  He called me outside and together we scared the squirrel enough to vacate the garage and noted the hole near the foundation where he had gotten in.  It is now blocked up so he has to find somewhere else to camp.  He had gotten into a box where I kept leftover hamster food and vitamins.  I think he will be a very healthy squirrel!  We were kind enough to leave him some treats outside (it has been cold and snowy lately), so he seems to not be able to get in again.  Also, I got a new locking garbage can that I keep in the shed where I closed up the holes.
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