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A New Year! Already 2007!

January 2, 2007
  Christmas has come and gone for another year and so has New Year’s day.  I am very happy how I spent the holidays, and I had a very good time with friends and family. 
   My Christmas was very relaxed, and we spent most of the time eating and playing games.  Our ferry trip with BC Ferries was uneventful, except that I learned that you cannot purchase chewing gum in the quay because they don’t want you spitting out the gum on the ship.  Who do they think they are anyway?  The Singapore government?  I can tell you that I just plain felt like spitting onboard.  The trip back was a bit rocky because of the high winds so it was a bit exciting.  It wasn’t a whole lot, it wasn’t like I could stand on the top deck and slap my hand on the water starboard and then port when the ship rocked from side to side. 
  I had to work the night before New Year’s eve and the night of New Year’s.  On New Year’s eve I was quite bushed and we decided to stay home, watch a bit of CBC comedy and toast the New Year with wine cuddling together with my husband. 
  I would like to wish everyone reading my blog a very happy, relaxed and prosperous New Year.  And a big welcome to the next person who signs on, you are my 2500th visitor!  Yay!
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