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Events of the week before Christmas

December 19, 2006
  I am quite pleased, I am pretty much ready for Christmas, except for some sewing that I had wanted to get done.  I may be able to get at it today, but sofar I haven’t been really motivated.  I should be inspired by the little birds called "varied thrushes" that come to our backyard every day.  Man, are they ever busy hopping around, flipping over forest debris and chasing each other.  They are such a lovely color, almost like terra cotta with darker brown parts.
  I think because it is a bit cooler I really prefer to read and study then to do lots of physical chores.  I have a couple of exams I am studying for, so at least my brain is active.  There is nothing like cuddling under a blanket reading.   I asked around, and it turns out the bears have still been around, so I am still waiting to put out more bird food. 
  On Friday we went to the Giant’s game for the teddy bear toss like last year.  We brought along four bears and two little stuffed dogs.  It was quite the game, very close, and the fur flew with the first goal the home team scored with a penalty shot.  Unfortunately the game got tied up after that and then they lost in OT on a shoot out. 
  We also had some excitement around here overnight from last Thursday to Friday.  Another windstorm passed through and brought down a fair number of trees, resulting in the loss of power to about a quarter of a million homes, including ours.  Thankfully, our power was restored at noon, but some were without for the whole weekend.  Thank goodness  we didn’t have any trees come down, especially through the house like some people around the lower mainland had.  My neighbour is a drywaller and he had a lot of business repairing people’s homes.  There is also a lot of work to be done in Stanley park.  They are thinking about bringing in loggers to clear out the roads on the west side because there are so many trees down.  They had to close the area for a few day for safety concerns.  Hopefully the next forecasted windstorm will be less instense.
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