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A dose of the Orange.

December 4, 2006
  There is nothing like getting out on a chilly weekend morning, especially when you can do some retail therapy.  It’s even better when you can attend the BC Lion’s locker room sale and pick up great stuff on sale, visit with the Grey Cup and chat with some champions.  We got there a bit to late to get the smelly but authentic towels, balls and helmets, but there were a few game worn jerseys left.  I was more interested in new things that were really well priced.  I picked up an orange t-shirt, a warm up jacket, a pin and a couple Christmas balls for the tree.  The latter I got signed by a trio of Lions.  Who knew that big guys like Bobby Singh and Sherko Haji-Rasouli had such a light touch when signing their names to delicate glass ornaments.  I also got to chat with Ryan Thelwell, and boy is he ever a sweet guy. When I thanked him for giving us a great year he turned it around and thanked us for cheering them on, especially in the last game.  He had a huge grin on his face when he told us how the atmosphere was from his point of view.  I couldn’t help but grin back.
  I met this lovely young lady in line just behind me.  She told me that she was there just to look as she was a university student and didn’t have a lot of money (or was that no money) left after she went to Winnipeg for the Grey Cup.  She had a fantastic time, as she told us that she got invited to a private party with one of the players’ families.  I saw her again when we were checking out and she had in her hand a nice light brown pullover.  I think she was on her cell phone begging someone for a early Christmas present.
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