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The big melt

November 30, 2006
  Hooray, it began melting today.  All around us there is a big slush ball and a lot of icicles forming from dripping.  The snow is pretty heavy on trees and plants so I had to go outside with my broom and give our trees and bushes a good shake.  We have a row of cedar bushes in the back yard which are about 8 feet tall, and they were all bowing over this morning.  I am so glad they are back upright and don’t seem to have any ill effect this afternoon. 
  I also saw some little birds hopping around the forest, chirping and happy.  I put out more seeds and filled up the bird feeder now that it is thawed out.  I also put up the squirrel buster birdfeeder.   I noticed that it has a few chew marks on it from last year. 
  Another thing happening in the forest was all the snow starting to fall from the trees as it was melting.  Every few minutes there was an avalanche of snow coming down to the ground.  I even heard a crack and and crash of a tree limb coming down somewhere.  I guess nature is doing the pruning!
  We lost our power for a few hours last night, it started by flickering a bit and then went off for good at about 10 pm.  I saw my neighbour and he said that he had seen a flash above the town and then saw hydro trucks on the road as he came home.  Most likely with the melting snow it took down a  wire near a transformer and then resulted in a large black out.  Thank goodness we had candles so that I could still read before I went to bed.  The neighbourhood was so quiet, but not too dark even with the street lights out because there was so much reflection off the snow.
  We didn’t have any rain today, but I hear that it may start this weekend.  I guess we are fortunate that it is melting slowly so there is less chance for flooding.  It sure has been one crazy month for us on this side of B.C.!
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