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Winter Blues

November 28, 2006
  I think I have had enough of the white stuff.    Yesterday I went outside to fill up the bird feeder (squirrel feeder) and it was frozen closed.  I ended up putting the food in a little basket on the fence if anyone wants to come by.  I think the little critters are waiting for a bit of a warm up because I haven’t seen tracks of any critter except dog.  Even the cat that usually likes to make midnight rounds through our yard is steering clear.  Jeff did hear some owls hooting last evening.  It might have been the same one that came into our yard before.
  The forcast is for more snow to fall until Wednesday then it will start to turn to rain.   Yay!  No shovelling!  I can wear my rain boots again instead of tall winter boots.  I like the rain.  I can hardly wait for the rain to return.  Mmmm, warm wet rain, well at least warmer then what we are having now.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the sunshine we got with this cold snap, and the mountains looked absolutely fabulous covered in snow and gleaming in the sun, but there isn’t quite enough of it to make it worthwhile.  You don’t get any vitamin D all wrapped up to ward off the windchill.
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