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Singing the blues

November 25, 2006
  Well it finally hit.  The first snowfall of the season.  It got a little chilly this afternoon and the snowflakes began to appear.  They thankfully didn’t stick, but I hear that this weather is not finished for tonight, we may get some that stays around overnight. 
  Accompanying the light dusting of snow was the inevitable news stories of people who do not know how to drive in the weather and we hear the cops saying, "people should just slow down for a change."  I say if you have the need for speed, try some computer games.  There is a really fun one that you can drive until your car gets so smashed up it lights on fire, and you keep going!  I haven’t played that one for a while now, but I certainly did have some fun times.  And I didn’t look like that lady sitting in the back seat of her car, being interviewed by the 6 o’clock news, her car now a part of the ditch and chain link fence, saying, "at least I am okay."  Next time stay at home lady.
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