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November 25, 2006
  Hoo boy!  I just found a hamsterrific game called “Flight of the Hamsters.”  The sound effects are brilliant and the animation is really sweet, too.   I giggled and cheered and couldn’t stop smiling as I launched my little happy ham-hams for a competition in distance. 
  The game starts with the music from Flight of the Valkyries ,the scene, five little hamsters with goggles all lined up to make their big trip (or short one if they don’t hit the launch pillow).  You simply click to make first ham take it’s place and jump up between the launch wheels (powered by hamster power of course) then click again when hamster is close to the launch pillow to make him start his horizontal flight.  Click again to flap his little hamster arms and aim for objects to propel him forward.
  The wonderful thing is that in this game no one gets hurt and no matter how far they fly they always cheer your efforts!  Yay! zero feet!  You get five tries and then you get a summary board with some inspiration.  I once launched my hammie into outer space and when he landed he made a hamster shaped hole in the ground but he popped up with his little sign and cheered.
Jeff’s advice is “keep ’em going low and fast, as long as you can keep hammy in the range of the clouds you can find objects to keep the flight going.”
Congratulations to Jeff on his record single flight of 582 feet!
Experience the thrill of the Flight of the Hamster at:
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