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Countdown to Grey Cup!

November 14, 2006
It is now only five days away… the moment that CFL fans and players have looked forward to since the early days of June…  a great Canadian tradition that goes back almost a century… a party that will be memorable and last all week… and this November it will be held outdoors in Winnipeg… 
THE 94th GREY CUP!!!!!
  Part of me wishes that I could go, our home team, the BC LIONS will be battling against the dastardly Montreal Allouettes, but it is going to be outdoors…in Manitoba.  I don’t think I have it in me anymore, so I will watch it on the big screen, wide screen, flat screen, high definition t.v. on my comfy couch with blankets, nachos and chili.  Besides, I don’t think I could get the time off of work to go.  So, if you aren’t going to be able to make it to sit on metal benches for two hours with a windchill of "oh my gosh, I think my fingers just fell off" either, then you are welcome to join me in settling in front of the tube wherever you are and cheer for the West.  Go Lions Go! Roar!
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