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Star Trekkin

October 10, 2006
  I can hardly believe it, I have been blogging for over a year now and I haven’t once mentioned that I enjoy Star Trek.  Well, now it is out, I like the shows and movies and books.  I think it comes from the optimism the premise has for the future, that we can get along with others and eliminate poverty and work together to explore.  Of course in the original series there seemed to be a fight in almost every episode and the captain’s shirt often got ripped off, but the ending was always peaceful.  Some of the later series became somewhat bleak with subjects of war and revenge, but the characters always had a noble cause, and learned from their situation. 
  There is also alot of neat gizmos, and I am not just talking phasers and transporters.  If I could have something from the Star Trek future I would choose a tricorder.  Or maybe the hypospray, or Dr McCoy’s diagnostic thingy, or the replicator.  One of my favorite scenes is when Keiko is having her baby on the Enterprise D and the only one to help her is Worf with a tricorder.  He stands several feet away and tells her something like this, "you are now fully dilated you can start to give birth."   She gets really mad at him. I think it is hilarious!  If you are really curious as to why I think it is funny you can ask me sometime, but you gotta be prepared for ‘ick’ factor.
  I was surfing and I found that online you can download fan produced episodes of the further adventures of the orginal Star Trek.  I haven’t checked them out as yet but here is the place you can find them for free:
 and you can see a clip introducing the shows and what they are about here:
  I also found a site that says they are airing the original series that are reworked to update them on CBS.  I haven’t seen this and I will have to look out for them.  I knew about the idea, but I didn’t know that they were going to air them on TV.
Until later, live long and prosper.
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