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Gotta believe its fall again

October 8, 2006
  I went for a walk the other day in the forest (we were coming home from the gym) and was amazed at the beauty of the day.  I love when the air is just a bit cool that wearing a light jacket is enough to keep you cozy when you go outside.  The sky was a warm blue and the air was fresh and just oozed with oxygen from the forest.  I have noticed that the squirrels have gotten really busy lately, they sure know what Thanksgiving is all about.  Jeff said the grocery store was really busy yesterday so I think people must be taking after the squirrels.
  I brought home my tomato plants from the patio at work where they got more sun over the summer and put them in my new greenhouse shed.  They are just starting to ripen and I don’t want them to get to much water when it really starts to rain as they may just split. 
  I love my blueberry bush just outside my window where we have the computer.  It’s leaves are starting to turn red and yellow, pretty soon it will be a lovely color like fire, which is ironic because it happens when it starts to get cold outside.  I didn’t eat many blueberries, I think all the animals got them, but I really enjoy the colors.
  A friend of mine from work is going this week to Kamloops to see the salmon run.
The salmon change color for the fall, too. Here is a bit from their Adams river website:
Can you imagine swimming 400 kilometres against a raging current, encountering thousands of obstacles along the way, not eating a bite of nourishment, with only one purpose to your journey — to reproduce and die? Such is the fate of the Adams River sockeye salmon which are experiencing their dominant run this year — a naturally occurring event which takes place every four years.
  Our world is an amazing place.  The following pictures of male and female salmon are from this UBC website.
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