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New Shed!

October 4, 2006
  Hooray!  Today I had delivered my new shed for the side of the house.  It is made out of cedar and has a door that can lock.  It even has windows!  Now I can put away my tools and seeds and the bears and squirrels won’t get at them.  Not that I have seen many bears and squirrels that were interested in shovels.  I also prepared the garden bed that will be beside it and sowed fall rye so that I have something to compost in the spring.  The blisters on my hands have almost healed from when I dug it up three weeks ago.  Man, was I ever sore the next day.

  My next task will be to paint the shed to match the house and make little curtains.  We made jokes about that it could serve as a guest house for the 2010 Olympics when they come to Vancouver.  In Salt Lake during the Olympics it cost $80 US for a spot in a twelve man tent (farthest away from the cooking and washrooms) at the foot of a dam.  Our little cedar shed would be much nicer.  Here is a picture that is similar, the difference is that ours is smaller with only two large windows on the front.

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