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Garden update

September 23, 2006
  Here is an update to the garden I planted on the patio at work.  In May I had permission to take care of the container garden on the second floor at work, and got some funds to add plants.  It is a nice sunny area and I had a lot of fun looking after it.  I planted sunflowers that are blooming now along side of the black-eyed Susans.  They go together very well because the are bright yellow.  I think I will start some again for next year in the spring so that they come up sooner.  I also rescued some tomatoes that were volunteers from the compost I had put in my garden at home. I had about a dozen tomato plants that wouldn’t have done anything in my shady area at home, so I put them into pots and brought them to work.  They are about two feet tall and have golf ball sized tomatoes on them.  As long as it doesn’t freeze they will stay outside. I have to prune off the other flowers so that they can put their effort at growing the exisisting tomatoes larger.  In Vancouver you can leave the tomatoes on the vine for a long time and let them turn red in the cool fall air, even if the leaves are done, but you need to cover them so they don’t get soaking wet.  One year I left my cherry tomatoes on the vine until I took them all off for Christmas eve dinner.  We oven roasted them with garlic and olive oil, yummy.
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