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Bugs and beetles, oh my!

September 16, 2006
  Ever since I moved in next to a forest I have had many visitors, including squirrels, racoons, bears, rats, moles, coyotes, slugs, snails…but the most frequent visitors in our house are the insects.  I don’t particularly like the hobo spiders and I squish them when I encounter them because their bite can cause a huge problem to people.  I leave the other spiders (I don’t know their name but they catch and eat the hobos so they can stay).
  The other common visitor is a little beetle I call a slow bug.  It gets that name because it moves very slowly and if you touch it, the beetle usually curls up it’s legs and antennae stays in a tuck until it thinks all is safe.  They seem very harmless and I pick them up and put them outside if I find them.  Today I had help and made a search for what their real name is on the net.  Unfortunately I only got to the family name, CURCULIONIDAE, which is a type of weevil. Also unfortunately, their family contains over 60,000 species.
I suppose I could start calling them Lion bugs instead!
So far I have not seen a picture online that looks like my bug, but I have seen some close ones.  It seems that they are not the bad weevils because they are not the ones the forestry industry is talking about on their sites.
If I had a good close up picture I would post it, but I will have to find a good camera as ours is old and doesn’t like clear close up pictures.
Speaking of bears, I went to put the trash out last night, but got warned off to wait until morning because there was a bear in the area knocking down the cans and making off with bags into the forest.  I did see some bears today, but not the wild ones from around home (I never see them), I saw Grinder and Coola.  They are orphaned grizzlies that are living on top of Grouse Mountain looked after by people. 
They did a bit of a mock fight for us, and I don’t think I would ever want to get into a disagreement with a grizzly.  Mostly they just ate the grass and were tolerant of the people watching them through the electric fence.
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  1. Unknown permalink
    September 16, 2006 09:18

    Hey Susan, you never know, you may have discovered a new species of bug. Curculionidae Susanne slowus. There are enough bugs out there still waiting to be discovered…
    Update on my end: I have a new blog to keep track of our move. Sadly, it won\’t be to Vancouver, but to England! The strange blog name will be clearer after a visit to the page.

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