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Summer ups and downs

July 5, 2006
I have been away for a bit, as summer goes, it seems that I don’t head for the computer as often when it is pleasant out of doors.  This last weekend I had a short trip to Calgary to celebrate my in-laws’ 40th wedding anniversary.  It was a lovely occaision and everyone was all smiles.  It was great to see all the relatives from out east, even if we did have to share the bathroom alot.
My only complaint is that the human population in the province of Alberta is now being outnumbered by the mosquito population.  Every person must have at least 50 or so of the little devils.  Euugh – shudder.  Thank goodness it is not that way around where I live in BC.  I am going back in a couple of weeks, does anyone have a suit of armor that I can borrow?
My flight home on Westjet was spectacular.  I had a window seat and a great view.  The flight took us right over the Bow river by downtown and tilted to see the skyline to the North.
We flew over many communities in the mountains, including Banff (I think).  The lakes at this time of year look so blue from the air.
At the end of our trip I got a terrific view of the Fraser valley into Abbotsford.  "I can see my house from here!"  We flew right over the Albion ferry, and I could see the cars reflecting the evening sun as they floated along across the Fraser river for their short trip. See my entry from May 28th for a ground level story of the ferry and you can also read about it here as well:
Now it is back to the grind, as I have to be at work early tomorrow.  Seems I have to come up with a shiny looney to get something of mine back again. For the rest of the story about this you can visit:
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