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World wide what?

June 18, 2006
  I have been thinking about the internet lately and how it is changing mankind and our perception of ourselves. 
    We have often heard that history is written by the victors.  I wonder if that will change now.  As long as the loser has access to a computer and the net they can write the story their way.  Ultimate free speech. 
  Today I had a hit to my site by "umbrialistens."  I had to google umbria to find out that it is a commercial site that, according to their website,
   "is a marketing intelligence company that tracks, analyzes and distills unaided opinions, perceptions and behaviors of the online world – consisting of 37+ million blogs, message boards, opinion sites and other public forums – into insights about companies, products, people and issues."
  It appears that my blog now makes up a part of their analysis of their "online world."  I guess someone would have to make money at it, but I am not sure about using the word "distills."  I don’t believe that the online world can be really ‘distilled’ unless they are censoring or slanting the content to the opinion that is desirable to the consumer.
  I also find it a bit unfair that governments can restrict the access that I take for granted.  Google has a different search engine in China then North America ( so that it censors certain words that are "sensitive."  Recently, for those who could read English, users in China were unable to access for some reason.  Some people suspect that the government is restricting the site.  Google people are looking into the problem.
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