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Raquetball racket

June 13, 2006
    I am feeling quite good about myself lately,  I have started working out regularly with Jeff for the last couple of months.  There is a rec centre close by and we try to get out twice a week to the weight room. 
  Last week we felt brave enough to play raquetball again.  We used to play when we lived in Edmonton because the local college had a really decent deal to use their facilities.  Being just a bit older, we figured we would work up to it first and last week we finallly felt ready.  I fished out our raquettes and can of balls and off we went.
  First of all I noticed just how long it had been since we had last done this.  I opened the cover to my raquette and found the receipt for 1993 for the last time we played.
    I don’t have pictures, (hopefully later) but next imagine the two of us standing side by side on the all white court, with lots of neat echos, ready to warm up.  I bounce the little blue ball and smack it neatly to the wall, only to hear the impact go "whap", and then "thwap" onto the floor.  It is not supposed to do that.  I broke it open with my first serve and the poor little ball looked like Pac-man.  Wacca-wacca.
  Jeff gives his a go and it returns nicely.  He looks in good form.  I then return the ball to the wall and once again, "whap, thwap-thwap," onto the floor, this time in two neat halves.  That did it, I broke both balls in less then five minutes.  Thank goodness the rec centre gals had a ball we could play with that wasn’t made of plastic from the last millenium.  In the end we had a really good time.  I even cracked Jeff up while he was taking a break on the bench outside by doing a mime with the broken pieces, using them like suction cups and "climbing" the window. 
  I can hardly wait to go back and play again, except that we kinda worn ourselves out a bit over the weekend playing laser tag on Jeff’s birthday.  It was a lot of fun to act like kids again. 
   Here’s to acting younger every year, unless you are an old racquetball, and then you are good for a couple of laughs before you go.
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