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Lion’s Training camp in Abbotsford

May 29, 2006
  We took a trip to the fan fest at the BC Lion’s training camp in Abbotsford this weekend.  It was lots of fun meeting the staff and players, checking out their scrimage and getting out in the fresh air. There were tons of families and kids there, including the player’s families and kids.  The vetran players seemed relaxed and having fun, and the new players who are still wondering if they will get a spot on the team were polite and eager to please.  One of the O-line guys must have called me "m’am" a dozen times when I was talking to him.  He was so sweet. 
  It was really special meeting and talking to the second string quarterback, Buck Pierce, the director of player personnel, Bob O’Billovich, and the radio announcers, Rick Ball and Giulio Caravatta.  I even said "hello," to some of the new Felions and had them sign my media guide as well.  They were too cute, football players usually sign without batting an eye at the picture, the girls take the book and say things like, "I look so different now," and, "is that me? What is this book?", and, "take a look and my hair in this picture!"
  We took the Albion Ferry across the river to get to highway one and on our way back we were first in line.  It was a cloudy day, but the sun came out once and it didn’t rain on us.  The river was pretty high and moving fast, it was neat to ride on.
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