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Some updates and news

May 27, 2006
CFL kicker Duncan O’Mahoney was missing 
Good news,  it looks like Duncan has turned up safe and sound.  Unfortunately his little side trip means that he doesn’t get to try out with Winnipeg.  No one has offered any explaination as to why he disappeared for a couple of days, leading the teaming millions to speculate.  I figure he must be in love.  It can make you do some weird things.
BC Lion’s in training for 2006 season
  Speaking of football, we are planning to attend the BC Lions fanfest at training camp in Abbotsford this weekend.  I am looking forward to it, and as I write this I have my Lions Football 101
 t-shirt on.  Roar!
Susan gets her hands on another garden
  I am so excited!  There is a rooftop patio at work, and I got permission to look after the planters and add some more plants and things.  I even got a bit of a budget to boot!  Just when I filled up my garden at home, I get more!  Hooray!  I wish there was a power outlet, I would so like to put in a water feature.  I wonder if there are any solar powered water pumps.
  Jeff gave me a wonderful idea, and I am going to start a garden journal for the project, and ask others at work who would like to give me a hand.  I am going to start with inviting everyone to come see how the patio looks currently, and to put up signs to say what is growing out there already.
  Our poor bamboo was twitterpated
We had a huge bamboo in our front yard between our part and the other half of the duplex.  It was lovely and green and healthy.  A month ago it turned out it was too healthy, and went into seed.  My really nice neighbour noticed it right away, checked it out on the internet and found out that bamboos go to seed every 20 to 100 years and then they die off.  Our only hope was to cut it right down and chop up the rhizomes or roots.  One sunny afternoon we cut down all the stalks and took an axe to the ground.  Unfortunately, the plant was a cover for the unattractive hydro meters, so I picked up a trellis and planter box.  My neighbour painted it to match the house and put some beans in to grow.  We plan to give the bamboo a chance to recover and for the meanwhile try a temporary plant.

Rain and more rain
  We had quite the deluge this week.  In one day it filled up half my rain gauge.  My rain barrel was empty last weekend and now it is full again.  On two occaisions it came down so much that it sounded like a waterfall.  It really poured off the roof, too, so much that I don’t think I have to wash the front window.  It is so wet out, ( how wet is it?) that the snails are carrying umbrellas!
Good try Giants
The Vancouver Giants are not in the last game of the Memorial cup.  They were beaten by the team from Moncton who is hosting the junior league hockey tournament finals.  Vancouver is hosting next year.  It was a tough time for our team, they had to adjust to the big time zone change, they always played their games with no day of rest in between, since they had slacker rules out west the refs were penalizing them more often and they were far from their fans.  I was yelling pretty loud, but I don’t think they could hear me.  I was really impressed that out team was classy, even when the Eastern teams acted like a bunch of hoods.  After the game our goalie, Dustin Slade, skated around the ice with his stick up in salute to the fans.  I hope he does well when he goes to the NHL. 

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