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May 1, 2006
  Spring is a great time of year for sports.  We are watching the Stanley Cup playoffs and cheering for the Calgary Flames.  They are playing the Anaheim Ducks.  It’s a wonder that people can actually play hockey down south at this time of year, the ice must be so sloppy.  If the Flames win this series there will be a battle of Alberta.  Just like the good ole days.  Like the time that I was in high school and thought that Edmonton was going to make it into the Stanley Cup, and bet my French teacher, who took the Flames.  The wager was an essay in French, and I lost so had to write it twice as long.  My dad is cheering for the Ducks because there are two players from Cranbrook on the team, and he’s gotta cheer for his local boys.  Go Flames!
   We have tickets to the Giants game on Saturday.  They Vancouver Giants will be playing the second game of the series against the Moose Jaw Warriors.  The winner goes onto the Memorial Cup.  Wow. 
  Anyways, my apologies to our neighbours for all the shouting at the television, "Get the puck!  Shoot!"  and so on.
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