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My Soup is talking to me

April 17, 2006
  The other day I had a bowl of soup made with those package ramen noodles and to my suprise it spoke to me.  Take a minute to read on before you call the authorities to take me away to the looney bin.  I was almost at the end of the bowl, slurping away at the broken up bits, when to my suprise I look in my spoon and see letters spelled out in noodle pieces.  I don’t know what "jsud" means, but it definately was letters.  I guess soup isn’t too bright and it spelled out a word, but got the spelling wrong.  Anyway, I took a few pictures for posterity and then ate the rest of the soup.  If it made a picture of Elvis or the former pope I would have frozen it and sold it on e-bay.  Guess I will just have to keep on looking.
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