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Waking up is hard to do

April 11, 2006
  I am making my disgust known about daylight savings time.  I really think it is useless and outdated.  On top of that it confuses people, makes driving dangerous for several days and creates difficulty for international trade if we do not comply to changes that the United States has decided on. 
  With more people working shift work, daylight savings time is more of a nuisance than a help.  Just when I start waking up and there is light out, I end up waking in the dark again, and coming home in the dark.  No wonder I am almost the color of marble.  When I do night shifts I drive home with the sunrise in my eyes for another few weeks of the year, hooray.
  There is an urban legend that daylight savings time started because farmers wanted to have more time to milk their cows or something.  The truth is that it was started by shopkeepers who wanted more daylight hours for shoppers.  Great, another thing in our society based on consumerism.
  If they had better weather and less mosquitoes I would move to Saskatchewan to get away from this insanity.  They do not move their clocks, and for that matter, neither does Creston, BC. 
  Well, I hope that you have fun shopping indoors while the sun shines outside.
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