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CFL oops!

April 11, 2006
  The Ottawa Renegades have been having some problems and they were looking for new ownership.  I was thinking that I would have liked to buy them if I had the cash, but CFL teams usually don’t sell for a dollar.  The league has decided that since they couldn’t find a buyer in time, that they would mothball the team until they could.  That means this year the team won’t be playing and their players will be redistributed in a player draft.
  Turns out that the 2006 schedule has been redone and just when I wrote the home games in my calender in ink.  Oh well, that is what white out is for.   What is really strange is that we play Calgary at home twice in a row.  I will have to double check that.
  And poor Winnepeg.  As one of the local sports dudes pointed out, the students in the city are getting confused.  First they are taught that they are westerners, and now they have to change things and Winnepeg is going east.  They are truely good sports out there. 
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