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Getting out into nature

March 26, 2006
    I am sure enjoying this lovely spring.  Last week the city sent out the street sweepers.  It was a really lovely day, so today Jeff took out the lawn mower to the front yard.  I also aerated it and we spread lime and fertilizer. 
   The back yard is too shaded, and the grass isn’t growing as fast back there so we just did the aeration and picked up all the pine cones.  A squirrel stopped to look at me while I was stomping around as if to say, "what are you doing to the peanuts and corn I hid there, you crazy human?"  I was going to take some nice photos of all the varieties of moss, but I will have to take out the camera another time.  Here is a site where someone is showing pictures of moss gardening.  I think I may work on that on one side of the house.
  The crocuses are almost finished and the other bulbs are coming up.  My front flower bed is looking quite nice.  I think more birds are coming into the area as my bird feeder is almost empty.  It is a Squirrel Buster feeder and I got to watch a black squirrel sit on the feeder getting frustrated that he couldn’t get anything.  Their weight sets off a sliding door so they can’t get at the food.


  Anyways, the birds were really happy and singing their little hearts out.  I learned recently that a bird’s lungs are really different then ours.  They don’t need to breathe in and out, because they have air sacs the air flow is unidirectional.  That way they always have oxygen rich air in their lungs, while mammals have mixed air.


We took a walk through the woods this week and I remembered that I had a neat picture of a nurse log sign.  A nurse log is a fallen log with saplings growing out of it.  We have a lot of that going on in our woods around here. 





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