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More about cherry blossoms

March 14, 2006
   I love spring!  I know it is not officially here until the 21st of March, and that in most areas of Canada winter lingers longer, but the flowers and mild temperatures here are spreading cheer.  Not even the fact that I still have to fill out my tax forms, pay bills and the other usual everyday mundane can strike a sour note. 
  Vancouver is having it’s first ever cherry blossom festival.  I learned on their website there are over 36,000 cherry trees in the city!  The festival site is
  One of the events is a picnic under the trees and a guided walk of the best picnic sites. 
  I remember the first impression of the multitude of blossoms on my senses walking on a street in Vancouver. They had a sweet smell like bubblegum and I remember standing and breathing deeply.  When I lived in Alberta walking along under snow covered trees meant the opportunity to tease the person I was walking with by yanking the branch above to shower them with snow.  I am looking forward to the time when I can do that again here with the flower petals.  It is so much more fun.
  It seems I am not the only one with a facination with these flowers, I just read in my gardening magazine, Gardenwise, an article about the same by Douglas Justice.  He describes them,
    "Each year, with the arrival of the first days of sping, I look out the window and see ‘Akebono’ cherries starting to bloom.  Flowering start tentatively – like popping corn – two or three individual blossoms on a twig, then with increasing speed other isolated flowers, whole twigs, and entire branches burst into enthusiastic bloom.  By the time a tree is fully out, the ground below will be dotted with petals; another week later and the ground will be thick with tidal drifts of spent flowers."
  Just hope that you didn’t pick a parking spot under that tree!
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