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Olympic mascots

February 23, 2006
  If you know me you probably know that I have an interest in Olympic mascots.  It started when a grade school teacher of my brother’s visited Moscow and brought us back a bear pin that was the mascot of the 1980 games, Misha.  The pin collecting bug bit me when Calgary had the Olympics in 1988.
  There have been some really nice mascots and some pretty awful ones for the Olympics.  The Turin marshmallow head kids are a bit goofy, but they are sweet.  I just found the picture and the website for the Beijing games mascots.  There are going to be five (you can thank Calgary for starting the multiple mascot thing), a fish, a panda, an olympic flame, a swallow and an antelope, and as a group they are known as the "Friendlies".
You can read about them in the official website of the Beijing Olympic games (in English) at:
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