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Staying on Your Feet

February 21, 2006
  It is almost back to normal here, I can finally see the bottom of the laundry basket.  I am still sleeping a lot because of the cold I have and I think Pookie is stuffing tissue in his ears so he can sleep through my tremendous sneezes.
  We had some freezing days in the backyard the ferns could use some trimming, and the bird feeders could be refilled but everything will have to wait a bit.  It was a bit nicer this afternoon and we had some rain, but the rain gauge still has ice in it.  We are back to clouds again, but I can take it.
  I have watched some winter olympics.  Congratulations to the Canadian women’s hockey team for their gold medal!  I must admit that the biggest "gasp" I had was for one of the aerial skiers, Jeff Bean, from Canada went over the jump and then lost both of his skis.  I was really impressed that he managed to land on his feet and a bit on his butt.  Whew!
  Here is a picture of an Inukshuk we built on the beach in Puerto Vallarta to invite people to Vancouver’s winter Olympics in 2010. 
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