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Getting a dose of Vitamin D

February 20, 2006


  This is the best way to get through February…  go away somewhere every other week.  I am currently recovering from a cold that was intensified from an international plane flight and I can tell you that is not a good thing.  But, after about 36 hours of resting either in bed or on the couch watching Olympics I am starting to feel better. 
  So, as you can tell this is one of the weeks that I am spending at home as I just got back from a week long trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was a great trip and we had lots of fun.
  The last time we went was about seven years ago, and there have been some changes but many of the good things about the place are still the same.  We chose to go because my husband’s dad and uncle were visiting there at the same time, and I can tell you that it is much nicer to visit people from the freezing prairies in Mexico then it is to travel to see them at home.  I heard that is was -24 in Saskatoon this week.  Brrr.  I didn’t know before, but apparently, visiting with relatives for vacation is getting to be real popular.
  That being said, now to the trip.
 Our flight out left at 0530h, and we learned that when you are the last to check in you can be lucky enough to get to sit together because they hold back a few seats to the end.  It was great to sleep in those extra minutes to 0330h.
  The flight over was delayed because they did a miscount on the baggage and took 45minutes to recount in Vancouver.  But we arrived in good stead and got through the airport with no problems.  While waiting for our cab to the hotel we met a couple of Vancouver Islanders who recommended a bar on the beach called the Burro. 
  We stayed at a hotel on the Melacon (or boardwalk), right next to the ocean.  The location was lovely, and the Rosita is a landmark in PV, being one of the oldest hotels.  Our first evening there was spent with the family, and Aunt Evange served us a great meal with shrimp and rice.  Afterwards we took a walk through downtown old PV and marvelled at the activity.  They have so much entertainment and festivities every night.  There’s bands, street performers, a native Mexican pole show, food, art, and then there’s resturants and bars teeming with life until all hours of the night.
 One romantic evening…
we spent with just the two of us, and we decided to try out the Burro.  We got a table on the beach and I had a Mango margarita and Jeff had a bucket of Corona Beer.  I almost ordered a coco-loco, which turns out to be a coconut filled with tequilla, which I think would have made me crawl home through the sand.  The margarita was about a litre, so I was happy enough.  We also ordered a appetizer of nachos and a Mexican sampler plate, which was terrific food!  We watched the sunset over the water and then finished off our dinner in the moonlight.
  A Valentine’s birthday fiesta…
 was in store for us on the 14th, as it was Jeff’s dad’s birthday.  We went to the local strip mall to get supplies and then had a party at his aunt and uncle’s place.  Most of the birthday cards were in Spanish and we tried to translate the best we could.  The chocolate cake was delicious and we all had a good time.  The Mexicans take Valentine’s day seriously and they had a parade in the morning and fireworks that evening.
  Midweek it was time to get out on the ocean…
and we booked a day long sailboat trip.  The trip included snacks and lunch and an open bar.  We set off in the morning with the engine until we could pick up some wind and Jeff was lured right away into steering the boat.  He took to the sailing part quickly when the captain raised the sails.  We stopped briefly to do some whale watching.  We could see the humpback whales coming up to breathe, elegantly showing us their tails as the slipped back underwater.  One even decided to show us how big he was by doing a roll over not too far away from us.  We then continued on to a spot close to a private beach where we had a chance to get out and take a swim before lunch.  Our trip back was quite breezy and the boat was clipping along, giving everyone a thrill by tilting on its side as we hung on and splashing everyone now and again.  Even though we had applied sunscreen very well we got quite red that day.  It was really worth it.
  One day we took a field trip to the next state over…
to visit the beach and with some friends of the family.  We took a bus trip, which was an adventure in itself with the cobblestone roads and the lack of shocks, to Bucerias.  The friends we visited had once rented a suite to Jeff’s parents when they stayed and this time they welcomed us for cheese and tequilla with great hospitality.  They were expanding their property to rent out to more guests, put in a pool and add to their own home.  The couple had a sweet little boy and were expecting a baby in the spring.  Good reason to expand!  We then took our leave and went out for lunch followed by a trip to the beach to swim and relax.  Those waves are fun if they are hitting your knees, but while I was attempting to get out past the breakers I caught one rather large one that almost took my bikini off so I decided to come in.  It was a real pleasent relaxing afternoon.
On friday the rodeo came into town…
and the boys all went to take it in while I decided to take it easy and so some shopping.  Jeff tells me that the Mexican rodeo is a lot different to the nothern variety.  It is more about skills then brute strength, the cowboys use their roping and timing skills with the animals which really impressed the crowd.  The outfits they wore were really impressive, more formal then the casual jeans the northern cowboys wear. 
Before you know it, it’s time to go home…
  so we packed up and headed back to the airport.  During the cab ride to the airport we hit a traffic jam and we started to turn back into Canadians.  Cabbies in Mexico are just a little bit more sane then the ones in Italy.  Our flight back was delayed because one of the seats broke and they had to find a volunteer to stay behind and extra day, and when they did they had to find her luggage.  But luckily we got to sit together again and the flight crew was really nice to me as my cold had just started to get really nasty.  I got a whole box of kleenex to myself and extra snacks to relieve my congestion.  But coming home was really nice and we are happy to be home again, for now. 
One last thing, Pookie stayed home this time and I think he appreciated the peace and quiet.  Our neighbours kindly looked after him and he is as happy as ever.  I think he was a little suprised that we came back.
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