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CLC winter school!

February 7, 2006
  Some of you may have noticed that there was a gap in my usual posting of new material.  Well, I had a good excuse because I went away for a week to Harrison Hot Springs for a instructor course with the Canadian Labour Congress.  I had a marvelous time and have my head refreshed with details about facilitating.  I have a photo album of all the good pictures from the week in my photo album that you can visit.
Click on "pictures" and then CLC winter school.  Feel free to look at the other Albums with my hamster and our last big trip, Italy. 
  The people at the winter school were great.  We had lots of fun and enjoyed the learning process.  They kept us busy the whole time.  We had wonderful meals in the Copper room, events in the evenings, some free time to visit the hot springs and the pub, and the usual early mornings.  The first night I partook of the spa (see last entry) while the group had water volleyball.  On Wednesday night we had "choir."  Most of the group of two hundred attendees showed up, and we all sang poorly, but to lots of applause.  It was the 30th winter school for BC.  The last evening together we had a dinner and dancing.  The next day we wrapped up and went home.  Personally, after I got home I went to sleep as I had to go to work the next morning.  I am still aching a bit.
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