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A Spa Experience

February 6, 2006
  Last Monday, while I was visiting Harrison Hotsprings for a course I had some time to indulge in an experience I had been waiting for since Christmas.  My father was generous enough to give me funds to spend on myself for a Christmas gift.  I decided that I would like to go to the spa while at Harrison.
  The trip had finally arrived and I settled in to find out when I could partake my long awaited treat.  The spa is called "Healing Springs," and is very lovely.  I found a booklet in my room listing the treatments available, facials, massages, body care, hydrotherapy.  It was not easy to choose.  I decided on a package called "Blissful retreat."
  The spa is located in a building just past the hotel hotsprings under a cedar walk way.  The lobby is tranquil and inviting with a waterfall on the inner wall.  The staff were very nice and welcoming.  I immediately felt relaxed, but also excited with anticipation as well.  While we waited we had water flavoured with orange, lemon and strawberry slices.
  The treatment started with a mineral hot springs bath, which I was able to enjoy with my husband.  We had a warm mineral bath in a private suite. 
  This was followed by a moor mud treatment which was a full body mask "rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes."  It was warm and relaxing, and was followed by an invigorating shower that had six heads on the sides to remove all the dark brown mud.
  Next was my relaxation massage with peach lotion.  It was wonderfully relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  My skin felt invigorated and my muscles were at ease.  When I was done my skin was glowing.
  To end the "retreat" I had a spa lunch waiting for me on our bed from room service.  I bought myself some new massaging sandals and went back with my husband with a huge smile on my face.  The lunch was smoked salmon on dark rye with a fancy green salad with a kiwi vinaigrette dressing.
  I would love to do it again!
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