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That’s why we call ’em “pets” and other new pictures.

January 25, 2006
   It has been a while since Pookie has been on my blog, so it’s time to feature him again, along with a few pictures of our weekend trip to Victoria.  We visited with friends and just hung out and played games.  I would have liked to have taken a few pictures at the pool when we went swimming, but I wasn’t eager to take the camera in.  We had a good time, and everyone won at least one game.  I didn’t win at Scrabble, but I was really the champion in Trivial Pursuit.  I also suprised everyone by winning at Settlers of Catan.
  The first picture is of Pookie, if you take a look at his picture from when I got him in July, he has grown his fur long.  Now we have a hippie hamster.  That is my finger petting him.  He doesn’t look to impressed.
  The next picture is of the Ferry coming into the Tsawwassen terminal.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining.  Next is a picture I took from the top deck.  Those seagulls like to follow the boat.  I guess they are hoping tourists feed them.
  Next we are playing Settlers of Catan.  I am not winning when I took the picture but getting the longest road helped me triumph!
  Our hosts’ pets were not impressed with us playing games, I think they would rather have had us playing with them more.  Well maybe not the cat, he just liked to sleep.
  Next we have a picture of the old game, which one is the evil twin?  I think in the first picture they are both good and the second they are both evil.  (Just kidding, gals.)
  And the best for last, the baby!  He was reaching for the camera because he wanted to see the screen at the back.  I’ll tell you, kids these days are spoiled.  When I was a kid we had to wait for weeks to get our pictures back.  Man, I sound old.
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