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Another record stands

January 25, 2006
  Another records stays in the books, as Abbotsford had a sunny weekend instead of the 38th consecutive day of rain.   Their record is 39 consecutive days, and when reporters were talking to residents people did not seem too upset that the wet spell came to an end.  People were outdoors enjoying the sunshine and absorbing all the Vitamin D. 
  On the other hand it is cloudy and raining again today, and I think I am about as pale as I can get.  When I turn one hand palm up and compare it with the back of the other hand they are pretty much the same color.  That is the real reason we can’t wear white at this time of year, we would blend in too much!
  Here is what Vancouver Canucks hockey player, Daniel Sedin had to say about the weather in his new home town:
  I don’t mind the rain.  It is kind of too bad that we didn’t get the record.  I guess we have to start a new streak now.  Back home, it’s mixed snow and rain and I don’t like that at all.  When the sun does come out here, the mountains are beautiful and you appreciate everything so much more.
  I agree with him, the mountains were looking fabulous with their caps of white in the sun this weekend, but I don’t want another 27 day streak of cloud and rain.  How about if we go for a sunny streak?
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