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Deep Blue or maybe just a little bit blue.

January 24, 2006
   Today is day one post federal election here in Canada.  The current system allows for elections to be called sooner then a preset date, so for the cost of around 270 million we have created work for Ottawa moving companies as old and new members of parliment move their offices. 
  I am not displeased with the result in my area.  The conservative candidate I believe will make an excellent representative to our riding.  I just hope that the "right" ideals of the party are tempered by the minority government that they have.  I have had too much grief from our provincial government before the last election when they held an almost absolute unanswered majority government. 
  It is interesting to note that British Columbians did not vote in the same trend as the rest of the country.  While east of us, more conservative party members were voted in, elected conservatives in BC have decreased.  Our next door neighbour, Alberta, may be deep blue, with no MPs except for the conservatives, but the quilt that makes up the most western province is multicolored, with orange and red balancing the mix.
  I have been reading what other places on our globe have to say about our politics.  It is interesting to see what others have to say about you – kind of like school yard gossip.  Most of it has the reason for the change in government being the Liberal scandal.  Others’ web stories speculated about change in Canadian – U.S. relations, the strength of the Canadian dollar and where oil and other industries will change.  But it was a website from New Zealand that first led me to the story of a protester in Nova Scotia who decided to take his rage of the system out on a ballot box.
"The man ran in, grabbed the ballot box, then threw it under the wheels of his truck and took off … the box was flat as a pancake," said Dana Doiron, a spokesman for Elections Canada in Atlantic Canada.
  He was arrested and charged, all the ballots were saved and the quick thinking election officials put things back together again.  I wonder if they used duct tape?
The more things change the more they stay the same.  I found this picture on this site from 2004:


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