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Winter is a time of noticing our disorganization

January 18, 2006
  I guess most people do cleaning of their homes in the spring because you can open doors and windows and air things out.  Lately I have become somewhat preturbed by my lack of organization and I think it is more noticable in the winter because you spend more time indoors. 
  For instance, my bookcase has books, dvd’s, games, photo albums, texts, magazines, folders with papers from work and a few knick-knacks.  I just tried to find a book on Chinese New Year (which is coming up in a couple of weeks) and found the Spanish-English dictionary I was looking for a few days ago. 
  The problem is how do you motivate yourself to take on something like cleaning up a bookshelf, or the other multitude of little mish-mash areas (like the filing cabinet, the telephone stand, the linen cupboard…), when you can’t even find the book you know is on your bookshelf on organization?  Perhaps I will have to put on my warm socks and sweater and venture outside, or else I will have to find the answer on how to start organizing within myself.  Maybe I should load up the latest copy of The Sims and remain peacefully oblvious to the bookshelf.  I hear a new expansion is coming out soon, "Open for Business." 
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